Subscription terms 

The subscription fee of each month is paid in advance according to the tariff that is valid at any time. Monthly fee is charged each month with automatic debit of credit or debit card. Failure to pay for the monthly fee for the subscription terminated. Debit is actually back to monthly rates, will not be debited until the month of the transaction is canceled and debt canceled. GeoSilica reserves the right to change this subscription terms. Changes shall be announced at least one month in advance on the Company's website. GeoSilica reserves the right to price changes on subscription fee without notice, but so that price changes will be notified to subscribers by e-mail. If a customer violates subscription terms is geoSilica authorised, without notice, to suspend the subscription to him and claim payment of damages according to general Icelandic tort regulations. You can pay a subscription with Visa, Mastercard. You can not pay with Amex in subscription. If a customer wants to cancel subscription he needs to send an email geosilica@geosilica.com or contact us through phone

Shipping cost

Customers will recieve email when he has been charged for the products

All orders are estimated to be delivered in 2-4 business days after the order is received and payment received.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Shipment / Time of order process
  • Time of shipment is 2-5 business days. The order process time is 1 business day.
  1. Price of product/service incl. VAT and additional costs
  • All prices include VAT.


Pure 4.550 ISK

With domestic shipping: 5.540 ISK

With International shipping: 8.400 ISK

Repair 4.990 ISK

With domestic shipping 5980 ISK

With international shipping 8865 ISK

Renew 4.990 ISK

With domestic shipping 5980 ISK

With international shipping 8865 ISK

Recover 4.990 ISK

With domestic shipping 5980 ISK

With international shipping 8865 ISK



  1. Returns and refunds:
  • A customer has 30 days to return the product after it has been delivered. We except returns, if the product is in it´s original state. Unopened, in the original packaging with a receipt included. Cost of all returns is the customers responsibility.
  1. Warrenty
  • If the product is damaged in any way, GeoSilica will take full responsibility of replacing it with a new one.
  1. Terms of delivery:



  1. sent to the next post office with Íslandspósti: no shipping costs, unless otherwise stated. 2-5 business days.
  2. Domestic, sent home by Íslandspóstur (990kr): 2-5 business days.



  1. Delivered to door, shipped by DHL (3,875kr): 2-5 business days
  1. Claim(varnarþing)

The provisions and the terms of this agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with Icelandic law. In the event of a dispute or if someone considers that he has a claim against GeoSilica on the basis of provisions and terms, such dispute or claim shall be referred to the Icelandic courts for consideration

  1. Confidentiality

The seller commits to the buyer that all information provided in regards to the transaction will be kept confident. These terms fall under the Law of the Act on Purchases no. 50/2000 and Law of on Consumer purchase Act no. 48/2003. Time limits mentioned in the Act of Law no. 96/1992 start when the product is received.









Company Info

GeoSilica Iceland hf.

Grænásbraut 506, 262 Reykjanesbær

Phone number
+354 571 3477



Business hours: 
08:00-16:00 business days


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